Allium roseum Alliaceae Rosy Garlic

Allium roseum 39kb

Description - An attractive plant with pale pink flowers forming a loose flower-head as they have long stalks. At the base of the flowers are several red bulbils beneath which are 3-6 short, papery bracts. The leaves are narrow and flat. Whole plant is c.35cm high.

Habitat - Enjoys, poor, sandy soil, but can be found elsewhere e.g. hedgebanks inland, but it may not persist for long in these places.

Comments - A Mediterranean plant that has been in Guernsey since the 1950s. Its main station is at Les Dicqs, where it is locally abundant, and in full flower in early June, but it has spread to a few places along the west coast, and is also in spots inland St Peters and St Andrews.

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