Althaea officinalis Malvaceae Marsh Mallow

Picture 1 Close up

Althaea officinalis 28kb

Description - This Mallow has a silvery-grey look, as leaves and stems are covered in soft, downy hairs. The plant reaches 1metre in height, and very pale pink flowers appear in late summer.

Habitat - The preferred habitat is brackish ditches, which are infrequent in Guernsey.

Comments - There are no records for over 200 years until recently, when it appeared at Vazon (2003), then at Rocquaine (2006). It is still a very rare plant. Marsh Mallow has been used extensively for its culinary, herbal and medicinal properties in the past. Marsh Mallow sweets were made from the roots, but may not have resembled the marshmallows we buy today!

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