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Amanita gemmata Pluteaceae Jewelled Amanita

Neuf Chemin Saumarez Park

Amanita gemmata 17kb

Amanita gemmata, Jewelled Amanita. This is very common in Guernsey, usually found in association with Pines. It is occasionally seen in forests in Normandy, and is quite rare in England. Like the majority of fungi the main period for fruiting bodies to appear is September to November, but I have seen sporophytes of A. gemmata in March in a sheltered place at the Reservoir. It can be recognized by the pale ochre-yellow cap colour, with white scales, generally towards the middle of the cap. The ring on the stipe is often lost early on, but the bulbous sac-like base is usually obvious. Like most members of the family, this fungus is poisonous.

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