Amaranthus deflexus Amaranthaceae Perennial Pigweed

Amaranthus deflexus 20kb

Description - This is a low-growing plant, sprawling over the ground, with reddish-green flower-spikes, the small flowers having no obvious petals. The leaves are unusual in having a shallow notch at the apex. It often has a dusty appearance, but this is probably due to the places where we usually see it.

Habitat - Best known for growing in the cracks of the pavements and between walls and tarmac on the north side of the Bridge. I have also seen it on a vinery site, just outside a greenhouse where weed-killer had previously been applied, and also as a weed inside.

Comments - First recorded here in 1970, it is found in the south of England as a casual alien. It originates in North America, but is naturalised over much of Europe.

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