Amaryllis belladonna Alliaceae Jersey Lily

Amaryllis belladonna 31kb

Description - The dark-red or reddish-green stems of this flowers appear before the leaves in the autumn, topped by 4-6 large pink flowers. Large clumps of strap-shaped leaves then appear and persist throughout the winter. Beneath the soil is a large white bulb.

Habitat - This plant is common in gardens throughout the island, where it spreads alarmingly in many cases! However, it sometimes escapes and can be seen pushing up through Bracken around the coast in several areas, year after year.

Comments - A plant of South African origin, this has several names in Guernsey; some people get confused and call it Guernsey Lily (another plant altogether, Nerine sarniensis), and others call it Naked Ladies, presumably because of the long bare stem, which appears without the leaves.

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