Ammophila arenaria Poaceae Marram Grass

Picture 1 Vazon Bay

> Ammophila arenaria 28kb

Description - This is a distinctive grass, with tightly rolled, sharply pointed leaves of greenish- grey, and large flowering stems in June, which consits of densely packed, cream or pale yellow flower spikes.

Habitat - Marram Grass is restricted to sand dunes or areas of fairly loose sand at the top of beaches.

Comments - The tough spreading roots of this grass make it very useful in binding mobile dunes. In several areas in Guernsey and Herm it has been planted just for this purpose, to provide stability to shifting sands. At Vazon, for example, a combination of this grass and others, and installation of low fences at the top of the beach has reduced the amount of sand that covers the coast road significantly. This is the only grass in Guernsey that gets infected with ergot.

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