Anacamptis pyramidalis Orchidaceae Pyramidal Orchid

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Description - Flowering stalk grows to about 30cm, the flowers themselves crowded into the top few cm. They are a deep pink, with a short spur, and a faint fragrance. Leaves are narrow, without any spots.

Habitat - Their preference is for chalky soils, explaining their rarity in Guernsey. The soil at the best site is relatively basic, unlike most of our acid soil.

Comment - This orchid was first recorded in Guernsey in 1975, by one of our most knowledgeable botanists, Patience Ryan. Until then, we had not really expected to see it, as it is a chalk-lover. However, she discovered two plants at Portinfer, and numbers have increased slowly ever since. It has now been found in several sites, including Herm, and about 100 flower spikes were counted at the best one, near Patience's original find, in 2003.

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