Anogramma leptophylla Pteridaceae Jersey Fern

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Anogramma leptophyla 40kb

Description - A small annual fern, which only grows to about 8cm, and is usually 3-4 cm. It appears in the winter, November to December, and has gone again by May.

Habitat - Grows low down on a west-facing bank, where there has been some clearance of vegetation by vehicles. The liverworts Lunularia cruciata, Reboulia hemisphaerica and Fossombronia angulosa are often found with it, as this is their preferred habitat also

Comments - There is only one site for this plant, which is more common in Jersey. First discovered in 1877 in St Saviours, this site was later altered, but it was found in the same lane further to the north, now in the Castel, where it has remained ever since, some years more fruitful than others. In spite of much search, it has never been found anywhere else. It is suspected that our plants were originally introduced from Jersey.

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