Apium nodiflorum Apiaceae Fool's water-cress

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Apium nodiflorum 34kb

Description - Medium-sized umbels of small, white flowers are held above the pinnate, glossy, toothed leaves.

Habitat - Found in the same habitats as Water-cress i.e. slowly-running strams and ditches, although can tolerate slightly poorer water quality.

Comments - A very common plant in the correct habitat, but careful study should not allow its confusion with Watercress. The latter has more rounded, untoothed leaflets, and whiter, denser flower-heads.Fool's Water-cress is not harmful to eat, but has an unpleasant taste - not to be mistaken for the true Water-cress. Leaf Beetles, Phaedon spp., feed on this plant and can be seen in the close-up

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