Boletus erythropus Boletaceae a blue-staining Bolete

Picture 1 Blue stain

Boletus erythropus 22kb

Boletus erythropus, a blue-staining Bolete. This is a striking Boletus, with brown cap, orange pores, and reddish stipe. If any part of the fungus is broken the flesh turns a deep, inky blue. It has been recorded at Saumarez Park, and at the Reservoir. It can reach about 20cm in height, cap diameter 10cm. A similar species, B. luridus, has also been found in Guernsey, and can be separated by the fine red network on the stipe, whereas B. erythropus has tiny red dots. Both are edible, but some authorities advise against eating red-pored species, as there is a poisonous species, B. satanus, which is very rare and grows on chalk (so not in Guernsey).

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