Cantharellus cibarius Cantharellaceae Chanterelle

Cantharellus cibarius 26kb

Cantharellus cibarius, Chanterelle. One of the most sought-after edible fungi, you will be pleased to know this is found in several places in Guernsey, and often in good quantity. However, I am not about to divulge my secret localities, so you will have to find your own! I will tell you that it is found in short grassland, where it is often half-hidden in the grass, also usually near trees, but not particularly in woodland. Our local specimens are not as large or as rich a yellow as some of those you may see in French markets, but are very delicious. The funnel like caps are the yellow of a cooked egg yolk, with forking gills descending down the stems, however these are not very sharp gills, more like thick veins. The edge of the cap is usually wavy and often distorted. They do not get much more than 8cm high.

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