Chamaemelum nobile Asteraceae Chamomile

Flowers Chamomile Lawn In Sark

Chamaemelum nobile 34kb

Description - A daisy like plant with mat green highly divided leaves and and a strong pleasant scent

Habitat - Commonest in short dry grassland but also in other habitats, including marshy grassland.

Comments - Chamomile is very common in the Channel Islands, whereas it has diminished greatly away from the south coast in England. In areas where mowing occurs it may form a lawn. The second photo shows a lawn at an area mown for use as model plane airfield, the area on the left has been mown more recently than that on the right. The main road from St Martins to St Peter Port has a stretch of about a hundred yards of chamomile lawn where the mowing frequency suits it. The same effect can be produced by grazing animals as shown in the third picture of a field in Sark.

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