Chenopodium chenopodioides Amaranthaceae Saltmarsh Goosefoot

In Lihou In Guernsey

Chenopodium chenopodioides

Description - A small, stout, prostrate Goosefoot, with an overall reddish colour. The flowers form small red bunches in the axils of the stems, as it sprawls across the shingle.

Habitat - This plant has a very restricted habitat, until recently found growing in one place only in the Channel Islands, in a narrow band on the edge of a brackish pond between two pebble banks on the tidal island of Lihou. It is said to require salt marsh grazing , which it does not get at present in this position, however, it has managed here for many years, so it will probably survive. In 2010 it was also found in large numbers in a brackish area in the Colin Best Nature Reserve in Guernsey, and also at a site at L'Ouaisné in Jersey.

Comment - A very rare plant nationally, occurring now only in the Thames estuary, and probably extinct from Norfolk and Suffolk, due to a decline in its favoured habitats

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