Cynodon dactylon Poaceae Bermuda Grass

Cynodon dactylon 28kb

Description - In a vegetative state, this grass creeps along the ground in a low mat, rooting at each node. The blades are relatively short and slightly downy. When in flower, the spikes reach about 20cm, and have a "fingered" appearance, with 5 or 6 individual spikes spreading out from one point. They have a purple tint, and should not be confused with Hairy-finger Grass, (used to be Crab grass) Digitaria sanguinalis, which is taller, has finer flower- spikes and a different habitat.

Habitat - Mainly around the coast, colonising bare, sandy soil. It does not mind being walked on, and can survive very dry conditions. Hairy-finger Grass is found more inland, usually in cracks between walls and the pavement.

Comments - This grass originates in Africa, where this and related species are used in lawn-making attempts. It was brought to Bermuda, and from there entered the U.S. It has been known in the island since the 1830s.

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