Cyperus eragrostis Cyperaceae Pale Galingale

Cyperus eragrostis 15kb

Description - This sedge is slightly smaller than its relative, Galingale, and the flower heads are more spreading, thus it is rarely more than 35cm in height. The flower spikes are a different colour, being a lovely golden-green.

Habitat - This is thought of as a damp loving plant (it was first known around the Reservoir) but can also be found at the bottom of walls in what appears to be a hot, dry situation. It used to be rather rare, but has been recorded recently from at least half a dozen places, although not yet in the south-east of the island.

Comments - This plant comes from South-America, and was introduced by nurserymen, being rather attractive. The first British record of the plant in the wild was from Guernsey in 1909, and it can be found occasionally in the south of England.

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