Dactylorhiza praetermissa Orchidaceae Southern Marsh Orchid

Picture 1 Close Up

Dactylorhiza praetermissa 16kb

Description - This spectacular wild orchid has flower spikes up to 40cm in height. The flowers are a deep pink, occasionally lighter, with darker dotted lines leading down the lower lip.Long, purple-green bracts protrude between the flowers. The leaves have few or no dark dots on them. If leaves have many dark marks this is probably a hybrid between this and one of the other Spotted Orchids, and is usually showing hybrid vigour.

Habitat - In wet, undisturbed meadows, generally with other Orchid species.

Comments - Perhaps the commonest of the Dactylorhizas, and, as mentioned before, this one often hybridises with the other two, creating confusion in the mind of the botanist, but great beauty in the eye of the beholder!

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