Delairea odorata Asteraceae German Ivy

Flowers Leaves Cape Ivy

Delairea odorata 34kb

Description - A scrambling plant whose leaves resemble those of ivy but are a much lighter green in colour. It has bunches of yellow flowers in December. These lack ray florets and resemble the rayless-form of Groundsel, Seneco vulgaris.

Habitat - Usually found close to gardens as it is a garden escape, but recently often found away from them.

Comments - When David McCLintock wrote his book the Wildflowers of Guernsey in 1975 there was only one record of this plant in Guernsey. Now it is widespread and sometimes covers large areas of ground. The plant is frost sensitive and its spread is because of the long period we have had with few frosts - a probable consequence of global warming. German Ivy is an invasive pest in many other regions of the world.

One or two patches of what is apparently this plant have ray florets. These are the closely related Cape Ivy, Senecio angulatus, and Guernsey is the first place in the British Isles to have this equally invasive species.

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