Echium pininiana Boraginaceae Giant Echium

Picture 1 Close up

Echium pininiana 17kb

Description - The spectacular flower spikes of this plant can reach 2-3m in height. Each spike consist of many horizontal racemes of small flowers, pink in bud then opening bright blue, and much beloved of many insects. The leaves are large and form a basal rosette, which grows for a year before the flower is produced in the second year. The stems can acquire a reddish tinge, and the whole plant is covered in short, coarse hairs.

Habitat - Originally a garden plant, it can seed like anything and be a nuisance in your borders, but it often escapes and can be seen growing out of walls, or in scrub and waste places, though usually not far from gardens.

Comments - The home of this striking plant is 1000m up in the cloud forest in the Canary Islands, thus it is amazing that it does so well in Guernsey.

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