La Société Guernesiaise

Interesting Plants of Guernsey.

Bridget Ozanne & Charles David

Last updated 30th March 2012 (changed and new species with *)

Species list arranged taxonomically

Adder's Tongue, Common
Adder's Tongue, Least
Adder's Tongue, Small
African Lily
Alderney Geranium
Asparagus, Prostrate
Autumn Lady's Tresses
Autumn Squill

Bartsia, Yellow
Bee Orchid
Bermuda Buttercup
Bermuda Grass
Beet, Sea

Bird's-foot, Orange
Bird's-foot Trefoil
Bird's-foot Trefoil, Hairy
Bird's-foot Trefoil, Narrow-Leaved
Bird's-foot Trefoil, Slender
Bithynian Vetch
Biting Stonecrop
Black Nightshade
Black Spleenwort
Blue Throatwort
Bog Pimpernel
Brome, Compact
Brome, great
Broom, Common
Broom, Prostrate
Broomrape, Ivy
Broomrape, Yarrow
Bugloss, Viper's
Burnet Rose
Bur Chervil

Calamint, Lesser
Campion, Sea
Campion, Red
Cape Ivy
Catchfly, Small-flowered
Celery, Wild
Centaury, Guernsey

Chervil, Burr
Chickweed, Upright
Clover, Clustered
Clover, Knotted
Clover, Strawberry
Clover, Suffocated
Clover, Western
Clover, White
Clubmoss, Kraus's
Clustered Clover
Cock's Eggs
Coltsfoot, (Guernsey) / Winter Heliotrope *
Common Adder's Tongue
Common Broom
Common & Heath Milkworts
Common & Heath Spotted-orchids
Common Ramping-Fumitory
Compact Brome
Cornish Mallow
Cornish Moneywort
Cranesbill, Dove's-foot
Cranesbill, Madeiran or Giant Herb-Robert
Cress, Shepherd's
Crocus, Sand
Cudweed, Jersey *

Daisy, St Peter Port or Mexican Fleabane
Deptford Pink
Dock, Shore
Dove's-foot Cranesbill
Dwarf Millet
Dwarf Pansy
Dwarf Rush

Early Forget-me-not
Early Hair-grass
Early Meadow-Grass
Early Sand-grass
Echium, Giant
Elder, Ground
English Stonecrop
Eryngo, Field *

Fern, Guernsey
Fern, Hart's Tongue
Fern, Jersey
Fern, Maidenhair
Field Eryngo
Field Marigold
Fig, Sea
Fleabane, Mexican or St Peter Port Daisy
Fool's Parsley
Fool's Water-cress
Forget-me-not, Early
Four-Leaved Allseed or Guernsey Chickweed

Foxtail, Meadow
Fringed Rupturewort
Fumitory, Common Ramping-
Fumitory, Purple
Fumitory, Tall Ramping
Fumitory, White Ramping

Galingale, Pale
Garlic, Crow
Garlic, Rosy
Geranium, Alderney
Geranium, Round-leaved
German Ivy
Giant Echium
Giant Herb-Robert, or Madeiran Cranesbill
Golden Samphire
Golden Saxifrage
Goosefoot, Saltmarsh
Grass, Bermuda
Grass, Early Meadow-
Grass, Early Sand-
Grass, Greater Quaking-
Grass, Hare's Tail
Grass, Onion
Great Brome
Ground Elder
Greater Herb-Robert
Greater Quaking-Grass
Greek Sand Spurrey
Groundsel, Rayed
Guernsey Centaury
Guernsey Chickweed or Four-Leaved Allseed
Guernsey Fern
Guernsey Spleenwort
Guernsey Star of Bethlehem

Hair-grass, Early
Hair-grass, Silver
Hairy Bird's-foot Trefoil
Hare's-ear, Small
Hare's Tail Grass
Hart's Tongue Fern
Hawkweed, Shaggy Mouse-ear
Heliotrope, Winter / (Guernsey) Coltsfoot *
Heath & Common Milkworts
Heath & Common Spotted-orchids
Herb Robert
Herb-Robert, Giant or Madeiran Cranesbill
Herb-Robert, Greater
Holly, Sea
Hottentot Fig

Iris, Stinking
Iris, Yellow Flag
Ivy Broomrape
Ivy, Cape
Ivy, German *

Jersey Cudweed *
Jersey Fern
Jersey Lily

Kale, Sea
Kidney Vetch
Knotgrass, Ray's
Knotted Clover
Kraus's Clubmoss *

Lanceolate Spleenwort
Land Quillwort
Lavender, Rock Sea
Least Adder's Tongue
Leek, Three Cornered or Stinking Onions
Leek, Wild
Lesser Calamint
Lesser Parsley-piert
Lily, African
Lily, Jersey
Little Robin
Lizard Orchid
Loose-flowered Orchid

Madeiran Cranesbill or Giant Herb Robert
Maidenhair Fern
Maidenhair Spleenwort
Mallow, Cornish
Mallow, Marsh
Mallow, Tree
Marigold, Field
Marsh Foxtail
Marsh Mallow
Marsh-orchid, Southern
Meadow Foxtail
Melilot, Small
Melilot, White
Mexican Fleabane, St Peter Port Daisy
Milkworts, Common & Heath
Millet, Dwarf
Moneywort, Cornish
Mossy Stonecrop
Mouse-ear, Sea
Mouse-ear Hawkweed, Shaggy
Musk Storksbill

Narrow-Leaved Bird's-foot Trefoil
New Zealand Wire Plant
Nightshade, Black
Nightshade, Tall

Oat, Slender
Onion Grass
Orange Bird's-foot
Orchid, Autumn Lady's Tresses
Orchid, Bee
Orchid, Common & Heath Spotted-
Orchid, Lizard
Orchid, Loose-flowered
Orchid, Pyramidal
Orchid, Southern Marsh
Oxalis, Pale

Pale Galingale
Pale Oxalis
Pansy, Dwarf
Parsley, Fool's
Parsley-piert, Lesser
Pennywort, Wall
Perennial Pigweed
Pimpernel, Bog
Pimpernel, Scarlet
Pink, Deptford
Pink, Sea or Thrift
Polypody, Southern
Poppy, Yellow Horned
Portland Spurge
Prostrate Asparagus
Prostrate Broom
Purple Fumitory
Purslane, Sea
Pyramidal Orchid

Quillwort, Land

Radish, Sea
Rayed Groundsel
Ray's Knotgrass
Red Campion
Rock Sea-Lavender
Rocket, Sea
Rose, Burnet
Rosy Dew-plant
Rough Star-thistle
Round-leaved Geranium
Rupturewort, Fringed
Rush, Dwarf

St John's-wort, Toadflax-leaved
St John's-wort , Trailing
St Peter Port Daisy, Mexican Fleabane
Saltmarsh Goosefoot
Samphire, Golden
Sand Crocus
Sand-grass, Early
Sand Spurrey, Greek
Sandwort, Sea
Saxifrage, Golden
Scarlet Pimpernel
Sea Beet
Sea Campion
Sea Fig
Sea Holly
Sea Kale
Sea-Lavender, Rock
Sea Mouse-ear
Sea Pink or Thrift
Sea Purslane
Sea Radish
Sea Rocket
Sea Sandwort
Sea Spleenwort
Sea Stock
Shaggy Mouse-ear Hawkweed
Sharp Rush
Sheep's Bit
Shepherd's Cress
Shore Dock
Silver Hair-grass
Slender Bird's-foot Trefoil
Slender Oat
Small Adder's Tongue
Small-flowered Catchfly
Small Hare's-ear
Small Melilot
Southern Polypody
Spleenwort, Black
Spleenwort, Guernsey
Spleenwort, Lanceolate
Spleenwort, Maidenhair
Spleenwort, Sea
Spotted-orchids, Common & Heath
Spurge, Portland
Spurrey, Greek Sand
Squill, Autumn
Star of Bethlehem
Star of Bethlehem, Guernsey
Star-thistle, Rough
Stinking Iris
Stinking Onions, Three Cornered Leek
Stock, Sea
Stonecrop, Biting
Stonecrop, English
Stonecrop, Mossy
Storksbill, Musk
Strawberry Clover
Suffocated Clover

Tall Nightshade
Tall Ramping Fumitory
Thrift, or Sea Pink
Throatwort, Blue
Toadflax-leaved St John's-wort
Trailing St John's-wort
Tree Mallow

Upright Chickweed

Vetch, Bithynian
Vetch, Kidney
Vetch, Yellow
Viper's Bugloss

Wall Pennywort
Water Bent
Water-cress, Fool's
Weasel Snout
Western Clover
White Clover
White Melilot
White Ramping Fumitory
Wild Celery
Wild Leek
Winter Heliotrope / (Guernsey) Coltsfoot

Yarrow Broomrape
Yellow Bartsia
Yellow Flag Iris
Yellow Horned Poppy
Yellow Vetch

Photos from the Guernsey Biological Records Centre © B.J. Ozanne & C.T. David. For higher resolution or other pictures or information please contact the Guernsey Biological Records Centre,

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