Erigeron karvinskianus Asteraceae Mexican Fleabane - St Peter Port Daisy

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Erigeron karvinskianus 45kb

Description - Daisy-like flowers, as the local name suggests, although buds and newly opening flowers are dark pink. The petals are finer and more delicate than the common daisy, and the whole flower-head slightly smaller. The leaves are small and the lowest ones forming the basal rosette are cut into three lobes. The plant forms mats, and each plant can spread over quite a large area. Stems are thin and wiry, and the whole plant less downy than the common daisy.

Habitat - Its favourite position is a hot, sunny wall, and it will also grow in between paving stones.

Comments - Plants were introduced into Britain in the 1830s from Mexico, as garden plants. The first record of it becoming naturalised comes from St Peter Port in Guernsey in the 1860s. It has spread throughout the island ever since, although is probably seen at its best on the walls in Town. It is quite frequent in the south of England.

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