Flammulina velutipes Marasmiaceae Velvet Shank

Flammulina velutipes 14kb

Flammulina velutipes Velvet Shank. This fungus is much esteemed by mycophages because it is around at a time when most fungi have disappeared in the cold. It can apparently survive beneath layers of snow, and degrees of frost (not that we would know this living in Guernsey!) However, it does appear here in the middle of winter, when nothing else is fruiting, although is not very common. The most frequent place to find it is on L'Ancresse Common, where it enjoys colonising dead Gorse branches and stumps where Gorse has been cut. I have also seen it in several places on the cliffs, around the Reservoir, and there are a few more records inland. The Orange-yellow caps are between 2 - 6 cm in diameter, with the same colour gills beneath, and it occurs in clumps of 4 - 12 fruiting bodies. The stems are dark brown and velvety, giving it its name. It is edible and good; it remains firm on cooking, and absorbs flavours well. Although not very large it often occurs in some numbers.

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