Fumaria bastardii Papaveraceae Tall Ramping Fumitory

Fumaria bastardii & muralis 17kb

The picture shows Fumaria bastardii on the left and Fumaria muralis ssp boraei on the right.

Description - In spite of its English name, this species does not always achieve the height of the two commoner species, F. capreolata and F. muralis ssp. boraei. Since it has been pointed out to us by visiting botanists, we are finding more and more of it, but it is still far less common than the two previously mentioned. It has a distinctive look which is often best noticed at some distance, even from a car! The flowers are a softer pink than F. muralis, slightly narrower, and with a neater, more dense flower head. The bottom petal often appears to be protruding. Closer inspection will show many teeth all around the sepal, which is not the case in the two commoner species.

Habitat -Low banks and hedgerows, and sometimes at the bottom of walls in quiet lanes. It has only been recorded in the south of the island so far, but may well be still unrecognised further north.

Comments -The flowering period of this species appears to be much shorter than the other two, as it is hard to find in flower after the middle of June. It is uncommon in the British isles, with a westerly distribution.

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