Fumaria capreolata Papaveraceae White Ramping-Fumitory

Fumaria capreolata 9kb

Description The colour of these flowers is much paler than our other Fumitories, being almost white, with a very dark purple tip. They are also the largest flowers, but this difference is very slight. Once the lower flowers start to age it is easy to tell apart as they point down, and the resulting fruit stem also curves strongly downwards. The leaves of all species are similar, a pale grey-green, small and well-cut.

Habitat The plant scrambles over other vegetation in the hedgerows, although is unable to compete with very much larger plants, such as Bracken, Sea Radish, Nettles or Brambles.

Comments This is our commonest Fumitory, and generally the largest. It comes into flower early in Spring, and can be found flowering for most of the Summer if it is not too dry. The name is said to come from "Fume du Terre" or "Smoke on the Ground" from the greyish, straggling leaves, although some people have commented that the flowers remind them of miniature cigarettes with lit ends!

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