Fumaria purpurea Papaveraceae Purple Fumitory

Picture 1 Close Up

Fumaria purpurea 23kb

Description - This is a delicate little Fumitory, with dark pink flowers, the flower stalks recurving as it goes into fruit, unlike the similar Boreau's Fumitory, Fumaria muralis ssp boraei, where fruit stalks stay erect. In our other common Fumitory, Ramping Fumitory, F. capreolata, the stalks also recurve, but the flowers are bigger, and paler, almost white.

Habitat - It is said to like sunny, well-drained banks, which is exactly where it grows in Guernsey.

Comments - Sadly, it is known on only one bank in the whole island, although David Mc Clintock also found it near the Vale Castle in 1970, where it was dumped on the next year. It now lives near Le Guet, where it has been since Jenny Page found it in 1989. It is scattered up the west coast of England, and not known from any of the other Channel Islands

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