Geranium herrerae Geraniaceae Alderney Geranium

Geranium submolle 15kb

Description - Not unlike the common Dove's-foot Cransbill, G. molle, but the leaves are more deeply cut, and the flowers a different, clearer pink, with unnotched petals.

Habitat - Poor, sandy soil, only seen recently in the L'Ancresse area.

Comments - The earliest record of this plant is for 1926 in Guernsey, when it was named G. core-core. It then disappeared, not being seen again until 1968, in another locality. It was found in Alderney in 1938, but is found nowhere else in the British Isles. It has also been called G. submolle and is now known as G. herrerae. It comes from South America, and the classification of our plant is tenuous; it may turn out be something different one day!

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