Gnaphalium luteoalbum Asteracae Jersey Cudweed

Flower head At Fort Richmond

Gnaphalium luteoalbum

Description - You may be surpirised to find a plant named after the rival island in a page about Guernsey plants, but though this plant was first found in Jersey it is now much commoner in Guernsey and has not been seen in Jersey for many years. It is one of the prettier cudweeds with yellow flowers, velvety-hairy leaves and, when flowering, an upright stem.

Habitat - It is most often found around the edges of ponds and quarries where the water level fluctuates, but sometimes, as in the second picture in quite dry, well drained habitats where there is bare ground and so presumably little competion from other plants.

Comment - This plant can be a weed in the Mediterranean so it is perhaps surprising that this plant is so rare in England and the Channel Islands - perhaps it will get commoner with global warming.

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