Hygrocybe coccinea Tricholomataceae Scarlet Wax cap

Picture 1 Picture 2 (Nancy Ogier)

Hygrocybe coccinea 23kb

Hygrocybe coccinea, Scarlet Waxcap. This small, but attractive Waxcap is an indicator of unimproved short grassland. As such, it is mostly found in old lawns which have not received much in the way of chemical treatments, and in churchyards. It is recorded in most Guernsey churchyards. The cap is convex, shiny and bright red, unless there has been a lot of rain when it will fade to a dull yellow, and is often half-hidden in the grass. The stipe is fairly stout, red or yellow with red hints. The gills are yellow, turning red with age, although the edges will stay bright yellow. It often appears late in the year, i.e. end of October, and can withstand lower temperatures than a lot of fungi, sometimes being found into December or January. Most Waxcaps are edible, but not worthwhile

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