Hypericum linariifolium Hypericaceae Toadflax-leaved St John's-wort

Picture 1 Stalked black glands Habitat

Hypericum linariifolium 20kb

Description - This plant has a more erect growth pattern than the much commoner Trailing St John's-wort, Hypericum humifusum, although young plants may begin as prostrate. The flowers are larger than in that species, and the petals densely fringed with stalked black glands, as are the sepals. Sepals are about half the length of the petals and are equal in size. The leaves are narrow and may have some black glands, but do not have translucent dots.

Habitat - Found on sunny, exposed, south-facing areas of cliff, on patches where there is not too much competition from Gorse, or other scrub species.

Comments - This plant is only found in a few sites on the mainland, and is only known in two areas of Guernsey at present, at one of which there are over 150 plants. There are records in the past from a few other locations. There are problems with this plant hybridising with H. humifusum in some areas, so much so that some populations are now all part of a hybrid swarm, with very little pure plants remaining. However, our present plants appear to have retained much of their described characteristics, and look like fairly pure H. linariifolium.

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