Inonotus dryadeus Hymenochaetaceae

Inonotus dryadeus 49kb

Inonotus dryadeus. This bracket fungus occurs every year at the base of a Turkey Oak at the Priaulx Library. It is very large, at least 1m in radius. When the fruit body deteriorates and falls off in the winter a scar is left on the trunk so that you can see where it was in the autumn. In damp weather drops of yellow liquid appear on the surfaceas can be seen at the bottom of the specimen on the photo. Note that the grass beneath the bracket is white with spores. The fungus will eventually kill the tree, causing a soft white rot to the heart wood. This will probably take many, many years, and there is nothing one can do to save the tree as the mycelium of the fungus are already infiltrating the whole organism. This fungus nearly always attacks Oaks, it occurs mainly in the south of England, and is quite rare.

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