Inula crithmoides Asteraceae Golden Samphire

Picture 1 Close up Gall of Myopites

Inula crithmoides 20kb

Description - This plant grows in large clumps of dark green fleshy leaves, around 50cm in height. The flowers consist of bright yellow daisies in a cluster at the top of the leaves, opening towards the end of June.

Habitat - Restricted to coastal habitats, nearly always within reach of sea spray. It is found low down on the south cliffs, on the bank at Les Salines, St Peters, and at Fort Doyle in the north.

Comments - This is not very common, being found only in the areas mentioned above, and not particularly in places visited by many people. In Guernsey the flower heads are commonly galled by the fly Myopites eximius, this is scarce in the U.K.

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