Iris foetidissima Iridaceae Stinking Iris

Flower Seeds

Iris foetidissima 10kb

Description - Flowers are an unusual colour, pale lilac with brown mixed in. These develop into a pod of brilliant orange berries in the autumn. The leaves are long and narrow, and the plant grows in clumps about 40cm high.

Habitat - Grows in scrub in coastal sites, or in the understorey and edge of woods further inland, thus likes a bit of shade.

Comments - The plant gets its unfortunate name from the smell given off when the leaves are crushed. This is interpreted widely by people, some of the commonest suggestions being "elastoplast" "Marmite" "Bovril" "gravy". The last two may be close as another name for it is "Roast Beef Plant". It is supposed to smell like rather gamey meat, but I do not find it as offensive as this! Another English name is Gladdon Iris.

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