Jasione montana Campanulaceae Sheep's-bit

Picture 1 Close up

Jasione montana 46kb

Description - Spherical powder blue flowerheads c. 1-3cm diameter grow on top of stems up to 35cm tall. The leaves are small and hairy, and not obvious when the plant is flowering, but during the winter they are arranged in a basal rosette.

Habitat - Mainly found on the cliffs, were it can grow in very thin soil, and withstand drought, but also found inland on hedgebanks, where it is larger and more luxuriant.

Comments - This used to be called Sheep's-bit Scabious, but this name has been altered as the plant does not belong to the Scabious family (Dipsacaceae), although it bears a superficial resemblance to some of these. If you carefully examine an individual flower, ideally with some maginification, you will see that it is more like a miniature bell-flower (Campanulaceae).

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