Laccaria amethystea Hydnangaceae Amethyst Deceiver

laccaria laccata 19kb

Laccaria amethystea, Amethyst Deceiver. This fungus is closely related to the Deceiver, and almost identical except in colour. This species is deep purple all over, but does fade in dry weather to a pale beige. It is not as common as the Deceiver, at least in Guernsey, and seems to need a bit more shade, so will be found deeper in the woods. Cap diameter is 1-4cm, stipe is 2-7cm. It is edible, although very small. It can occur in large numbers, and cooked with its relative, the Deceiver, can look quite dramatic on a white plate - a pile of orange and a pile of purple. How to impress your mycophagical friends!

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