Laccaria laccata Hydnangaceae Deceiver

laccaria laccata 27kb

Laccaria laccata, Deceiver. This is a very common fungus, occurring in grassy areas in woods, gardens and short grassland in all parts of the island. It reaches 8cm in height, cap diameter 1-4cm. It is orange-brown in colour, although in dry weather it can be pale clay colour. Stipe and gills are the same, although the gills often have a pink tinge. Also they are very widely spaced, with short intermediate gills. This is quite distinctive, so if in doubt, get to know the underside of this species. The stipe is often slightly twisted, again characteristic once you get to know it. It is said that the name derives from the fact that it is rather variable, and can "deceive" the beginner again and again until he gets its "jizz". This is a good edible species although so small, as it is usually in large numbers.

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