Lagurus ovatus Poaceae Hare's Tail Grass

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Lagurus ovatus 42kb

Description - The flower spike of this grass is very distinctive, being a creamy white, and very soft with long awns. Grows up to 40cm, usually much shorter in Guernsey.

Habitat - Found in fairly short coastal grassland, and fixed sand-dunes, does not tolerate much disturbance.

Comment - This attractive grass can be seen along much of the west coast, where disturbance is minimal, and cutting not too frequent. It may have been brought to Guernsey via the wine trades from the Gironde area of France in the Middle Ages (McClintock) Although increasing in Guernsey, there is more of it in Jersey, since being introduced there from Guernsey in the 1860s. Jersey people use the grass to decorate floats in their annual "Battle of Flowers" as they can be dried and then coloured.

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