Lampranthus roseus Aizoaceae Rosy Dew-plant

On the cliffs Close up

Lampranthus roseus 33kb

Description - the plant occurs as a low bush which spreads as a mat of succulent leaves, grey-green in colour, 2-4cm long, with a pointed tip. Flowers come in varying shades of pink, about 4cm across, daisy-like with a yellow centre.

Habitat - Able to grow in very thin soil over rocks, becoming common on the cliffs, and spreading from gardens. Planted on many banks and garden walls.

Comments - A garden escape, originally from South Africa, which is becoming a threat on the cliffs to native, smaller species, just like Carpobrotus edulis. It was controlled by frosts, as was the latter, but this was last effective in 1987. Also known as Iceplant, Mesembryanthemum or "mezzies" in Guernsey.

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