Malva pseudolavatera Malvaceae Cornish Mallow

Picture 1 Comparison with Malva sylvestris

Malva pseudolavatera 15kb

Description - This can be an inconspicuous plant, especially if growing in with other weeds, when it may reach 1.5m, but may only be a few cm off the ground. The stems are erect, the rounded shallowly-lobed leaves are light green, and the flowers in the leaf axils are pale lilac. Common Mallow, Malva sylvestris, is actually not as common as this species in Guernsey. They can look alike, although Common Mallow has darker flowers and leaves, and the outer lobes of the calyx are only joined at the extreme base, whereas those of Cornish Mallow form a cup. (See the picture with Cornish Mallow on the left and Common Mallow on the right)

Habitat - Waste land, poor soil, often by the sea, but not confined to this location.

Comments - As its name suggests, this plant mainly occurs in the extreme south-west of the British Isles. It is not native, having been recorded here for just over a hundred years.

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