Macrolepiota procera Agaricaceae Smooth Parasol

Mature Drumstick stage

Macrolepiota procera 11kb

Macrolepiota procera, Smooth Parasol. The Smooth Parasol is familiar to most people, as it is one of our largest fungi, and very noticeable on hedgebanks and the Commons in the Autumn. The cap can be up to30cm in diameter and the stem 15-30cm high. Small, darker scales radiate out from the centre of the cap. The stipe often has an unusual pattern of marking, sometimes described as "snake-skin". This helps to separate it from the Shaggy Parasol. The large double ring on the stipe can be gently separated if you are careful and pushed up and down. Most years it is very common in grassland that has not had too much disturbance, and is so distinctive that many people are happy to try eating it. It is one of our most delicious fungi. There are several other large species of Macrolepiota, and all are edible, but when they get smaller (Lepiota) some are poisonous, so make sure the one you eat is big enough!

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