Marasmius oreades Marasmieae Fairy Ring Champignon

Close Up Fairy Ring

Marasmius oreades 34kb

Marasmius oreades, Fairy Ring Champignon. Very common in the Autumn, in garden lawns, graveyards, on the Common, and in other short grassland, often forming rings or lines. Each specimen is up to 6cm high, cap diameter 2-4cm. Caps are typically a pale beige, darker when wet. The edge of the cap usually shows neat, minute scalloping, like a pie-crust. Turn it over and you will see widely spaced gills with short intermediate gills. This small fungus is edible and good; in spite of its small size it is usually found in large numbers, so that you can collect enough for a good meal. Don't bother with the stalks - they are not poisonous, just rather fibrous, and flavourless. The caps can be threaded on a string and dried slowly, so that they can be used when other wild fungi are out of season. In a dry autumn, one can find dried up caps on the Common, which can be eaten there and then, like a tasty, mushroomy-flavoured crisp! Try it!

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