Ophioglossum azoricum Ophioglossaceae Small Adder's-tongue

Close Up Habitat on Lihou Island with Bridget Ozanne Fruiting spike

Ophioglossum azoricum 45kb

Description - A small Adder's Tongue very difficult to distinguish from Least Adder's Tongue. However, it appears in Summer whilst Least Adder's Tongue appears in Winter.

Habitat - Coastal grassland

Comments - In Guernsey this is much rarer than Least Adder's Tongue, and is only known from a couple of sites with the largest population on Lihou Island. In the U.K. the opposite is the case: Least Adder's Tongue is only found in the Scilly Islands, this species is scattered up the West Coast as far as the Shetland Islands.

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