Ophioglossum vulgatum Ophioglossaceae Common Adder's Tongue

Ophioglossum vulgatum 21kb

Description - The frond of this small fern is ovate and a shiny green, reaching up to 10cm in height. Within the frond the fruiting body can be found, which is similar to that of O. lusitanicum, but much larger.

Habitat - In Guernsey, this plant is found in rather damp areas, generally where there has not been extensive cultivation.

Comments - This small plant is nationally rare, partly due to its decreasing suitable habitat. In Guernsey it is known only in two small areas at present, and at the main site, consisting of three small wet meadows, it appears to be increasing. Both sites are managed by La Société Guernesiaise, with help from the Guernsey Conservation Volunteers, so hopefully it is well protected.

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