Oxalis pes-caprae Oxalidaceae Bermuda Buttercup

Oxalis pes-caprae nnkb

Description - Very early in the year this chrome yellow flower brightens up the bottom of our hedgebanks in several areas. It flowers from the middle of February.The leaves are trifoliate and reach about half the height of the flower stems.

Habitat - This grows on waste ground, for example outside vineries, and on the bottom of hedgebanks, where it sometimes spreads for several metres.

Comments - This is neither a Buttercup, nor does it originate from Bermuda, although it is naturalised there, as it is in the Scilly Isles. In the Scillies, it is a huge nuisance in the small bulb fields, spreading and competing annoyingly with the preferred crop. It comes from South Africa.

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