Pilosella peleteriana Asteraceae Shaggy Mouse-ear Hawkweed

Picture 1 Bud

Pilosella peleteriana 38kb

Description - The dandelion-like flower of this little Hawkweed is a distinctive lemon-yellow, and about 2cm across. The leaves and stems are covered in long white hairs, and the undersides of the leaves are whitish. The plant produces long leafy runners as a means of propagation, and these are usually in evidence, see top right of picture 1. The whole plant is about 5-10cm high.

Habitat - Likes to grow in dry sandy, soil, sometimes found in cracks in granite outcrops with very little soil. Mainly on the cliffs, but sometimes inland, as at Candie Cemetery.

Comment - Frequent in the Channel Islands, but very restricted in Britain, mainly to the Dorset coast.

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