Polycarpon tetraphyllum Caryophyllaceae Four-leaved Allseed or Guernsey Chickweed

Polycarpon tetraphyllum 16kb

Description - This is an unassuming plant at best, but being so rare in England, it attracts plenty of interest from visiting botanists. Plants can be between 2 and 12cm in diameter, and the same in height. The tiny flowers consist of brownish bracts which cover minute white petals, which are often not present. The small oval leaves are arranged in whorls of four on the stems.

Habitat - It is found in gardens, on wasteland, at the edge of pavements and paths, also on bare soil on the cliffs.

Comments - This plant is very common island-wide, and the name coined by Guernsey botanists in the seventies, is less of a mouthful than the correct one.

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