Polypodium cambricum Polypodiaceae Southern Polypody

Frond Habitat

Polypodium cambricum 36kb

Description - Slightly larger than the much commoner Polypodium interjectum, pinnules narrow and pointed and often wavy on the edge.

Habitat - This fern likes to grow on limestone, so it is surprising to find it here at all, although one plant has been found on a wall top. The main colony is out on the cliffs, sheltered underneath Blackthorn and Hawthorn, and facing east. There may be some basic material under the thin soil.

Comments - This was first found in 1976, and has not increased much since that time. This suggests that it is something of a challenge for the plant to exist here. At least it has not disappeared! In England this is an uncommon plant of the south-west, and there are no records from the other Channel Islands

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