Polypogon viridis Poaceae Water-Bent

Polypogon viridis nnkb

Description - This grass has a compact, bunched flowerhead, often shiny, sometimes with a purplish look. It grows to about 30 cm, and has short (3-13cm) leaf blades.

Habitat - It is usually found at the base of walls, especially where there is a trickle of water, but it does not seem to always need this, and can be found in very dry places such as car parks, as in this photo.

Comments - Not a native plant, but the first record for the British Isles was in Guernsey in 1897, and known here before that date.We have information about it being painted by Miss Caroline May in 1860 in St Sampsons. The early records are from the north of the island, but it has long been spread island-wide. Rare in the south of England.

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