Romulea rosea var australis Iridaceae Onion Grass

Romulea rosea var australis 32kb

Description - A rather unattractive name for a member of the Iris family, but when not in flower the thin grey-green leaves look not unlike a bunch of Chives. The white flowers are found at the base of the leaves from late March to early April, but will only be obvious if in full sun. The leaves dry up by early Summer.

Habitat - It grows between the tarmac and the wall on the roadside, or on thin gravelly soil nearby.

Comments - First recorded in Guernsey in 1969, and unknown in the rest of the British Isles. This still grows only in one location, the population size varying from year to year. Our plant is the white form of a pink flower which can be a nuisance weed in Australia.

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