Rosa spinosissima Rosaceae Burnet Rose

Picture 1 Close up Diplolepis Gall Wachtliella Gall Wachtliella larvae Rust fungus

Rosa spinosissima 17kb

Description - This little wild rose grows in small bushes up to about 1m high. The stems are covered in dense reddish spines, leaves are small and pinnate, and the flowers are white, sometimes with a pink blush, and sweetly scented. They are followed by large purple-black hips. The plant can spread by suckers to form large patches e.g. on the Common in Herm.

Habitat - Sandy coastal soil.

Comment - Occasional in the north of the island, on the commons. The plant is often galled by the gall wasp Diplolepis spinosissimae. These galls are sometimes mistaken for the hips, but those are black when ripe. Another gall is caused by the gall fly Wachtliella rosarum. This forms little purses by folding up the leaflets,. The larvae inside are bright orange. A brilliant-orange rust fungus Phragmidium rosa-pimpinellifoliae is also common on the plants.

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