Rumex rupestris Polygonaceae Shore Dock

In Guernsey with Sea Kale and Sea Pink Rumex rupestris right, R. crispus var. litoreus left Habitat in Guernsey Young fruits Fruits of R. obtusifolius, rupestris, & crispus

Rumex rupestris 24kb

Description - Plant up to 50cm high, leaves long and narrow, very similar to Curled Dock (R. crispus). However the fruits are distinctive, with three large warts and a reduced wing. R.crispus var litoreus fruits have larger wings and are paler in colour. The right hand photograph shows the fruits (from left to right) of R. obtusifolius, R. rupestris and R . crispus.

Habitat - At the top of the beach, usually where a freshwater stream runs down.

Comment - A very rare Dock world wide, restricted to the coast of western Europe. Occurs in the south of Cornwall, the Scilly Isles, Anglesey, S. Wales, Herm and Jersey. Recently re-discovered in three areas at the bottom of the cliffs in Guernsey.

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