Silene uniflora Caryophyllaceae Sea Campion

Picture 1 var marquandii

Description - The five petals of this spring-flowering plant are white, and the calyx behind them is usually veined with pink, however, in the occasional plant the calyx has very pale veins, and is almost pale yellow in colour. This is known as var. marquandii (after a famous Guernsey botanist of the past). The small, oval leaves are a glaucous green and hairless, and the plant is rather prostrate, covering areas from a few centimeters to up to nearly a meter in diameter.

Habitat - Mainly coastal, forming large patches on the cliffs, but found infrequently on walls inland.

Comments - As well as the colour variety, the plant also, more rarely, appears with double flowers. Several people have managed to take cuttings of this and it thrives in some gardens.This plant differs from Bladder Campion S. vulgaris in being much more low-growing and prostrate. The latter plant is extremely rare in Guernsey, occurring only in one small patch in the south of the island.

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